Working to Strengthen Positive Connections

Among Youth & Parents in San Pablo, CA


The San Pablo Youth and Parent Grants Initiative was created by the San Pablo Koshland Fellows, funded by The San Francisco Foundation.  The initiative invested in non-profit organizations strengthening relationships between youth and their parents/guardians in the City of San Pablo from 2011-2017.   After three years of community-based grantmaking, the program has sunsetted, yet the organizations and Koshland Fellows remain in the community.  For more information, please contact Marjorie Delgadillo, Koshland Program Assistant at

Our Vision

San Pablo youth (13-18) have the confidence, the skills, and the support to thrive. Youth and their families are strengthened through increased meaningful connection. There is increased civic engagement and leadership among youth and families in San Pablo.

Our Focus

The Fellows focus their resources on supporting work that increases positive connections among parents/guardians and youth (aged 13-18) in San Pablo. This emphasis in based on the belief that investing resources towards youth and their parents will support the community as a whole.