The San Pablo Youth and Parent Grants Initiative was created by the San Pablo Koshland Fellows, funded by The San Francisco Foundation.  The initiative invested in non-profit organizations strengthening relationships between youth and their parents/guardians in the City of San Pablo from 2011-2017.   After three years of community-based grantmaking, the program has sunsetted, yet the organizations and Koshland Fellows remain in the community.  For more information, please contact Marjorie Delgadillo, Koshland Program Assistant at



Request for Proposal

San Pablo Youth & Parent Grants Initiative


Applications Available: September 1, 2016

Proposals Due by: October 28, 2016

Grant Period: January 2017-December 2017

Grant Announcements: December 9, 2016


The San Pablo Koshland Civic Unity Fellows are part of The San Francisco Foundation’s Koshland Civic Unity program that recognizes local leaders who work collaboratively to strengthen the assets in their community and address community concerns and needs.


All Fellows are residents of and/or committed workers within San Pablo.  Selected in 2011, The San Pablo Koshland Fellows created The San Pablo Youth & Parent Grants Initiative, which has completed the first two years of grant-making. This RFP is for the third and final year of funding.


The Fellows will focus their resources on supporting work that increases positive connections among parents/guardians and youth (aged 13-18) in San Pablo. This emphasis is based on the belief that investing resources towards youth and their parents will support the community as a whole.


Our Vision

San Pablo youth (13-18) have the confidence, the skills, and the support to thrive. Youth and their families are strengthened through increased meaningful connection. There is increased civic engagement and leadership among youth and families in San Pablo.


Our Mission

  1. To enhance the long-term well-being of San Pablo youth and families by supporting existing organizations and groups to increase positive connection among parents/guardians and youth (aged 13-18)
  2. To enhance the community's engagement and commitment to San Pablo youth
  3. To enhance youth’s commitment to their families, their peers and the San Pablo community


Foundational Beliefs

The family is central to individual and community wellbeing. The relationship between youth and their parents/guardians is particularly challenged during adolescence and young adulthood. Reduced positive engagement with parents/guardians increases youths’ risk for poor decision-making and behavior which decreases individual, family and community well-being.


Youth who are positively connected to their parents/guardians (and other caring adults) result in young people who:


• make better decisions

• are more adaptable and resilient

• enjoy better holistic health outcomes

• complete their high school education

• are more likely to attain post-secondary education (college or career)

• sustain supportive connection to their parents/guardians, their families and their peers

• contribute positively to their communities


Request For Proposals (RFP) Summary


Who Is Encouraged to Apply

California 501(c)(3) organizations or fiscally-sponsored groups serving San Pablo residents.


Grant Information

  1. Grants are intended to primarily serve San Pablo residents. Preference will be given to organizations or groups with demonstrated service to San Pablo residents (particularly youth 13-18 and their families).
  2. We seek applications from diverse organizations and groups, and we welcome innovative approaches to working with target-aged youth and their parents/guardians.
  3. Funds can be used to support or expand existing offerings or services, or to create new services and offerings for target populations.
  4. Applicants may allocate a portion of requested funds to build staff and/or organizational capacity to strengthen connections among youth and parents. Examples of capacity building could include workshops, trainings or other activities.
  5. Proposals that equip youth and parents with long-term skills that can be used beyond the duration of the project will receive preference over projects with one-time or short-term impacts.
  6. For grant requests over $5,000, we strongly encourage you to include in your proposal a narrative of how your proposed project is linked to evidence-based and/or best practices for working with youth and families.
  7. The grant period is for the calendar year January 2017 - December 2017.
  8. The Koshland Fellows will award grants of up to $30,000. This is the final year of funding for the San Pablo Youth & Parents Grants Initiative.
  9. Key representatives from organizations receiving grants will be asked to attend a Celebration Dinner in February. (Date and Location: TBA).
  10. Organizations may be contacted to meet for a 30-minute interview on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Location: TBA)

Grant Scope

Successful proposals will address one or (at most) two of the following:

1. Increase Positive Communication and Connections Host social, cultural, and/or educational events which meaningfully connect youth (13-18 years) and their parents/guardians.

2. Increase Civic Engagement Facilitate or host community service events in San Pablo where youth and parents/guardians (13-18) volunteer together.

3. Build Leadership/Honor Cultural Heritage Provide opportunities for increased youth and parent/guardian leadership through program delivery and/or by incorporating their cultural heritage/expertise into the work of the organization or group.


Guidelines and application forms are available for download below:

Parent and Youth Engagement Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tips on Writing Successful Grant Proposal

SP Koshland RFP 2017

2016 Grantee Progress Report (Current Grantees only)

SP Koshland RFP Flyer